The Pursuer of Dreams


kinda getting addicted to those words. Yeah ‘The Pursuer of Dreams’

the words that can explain the true me. there is always a time in a day for me to just close my eyes for several minutes and reflects myself. when i see those words i definitely close my eyes right away and reflects myself. now i realized my effort, passion, ego, selfishness and all the things I’ve done till now  is just to reach the deal in those words, yap it’s dreams. but then another minute i start to wonder are my hands will able to grab that? Will the future satisfied me? I’ve been bragging about my dreams, about what I want to be in the future, about how i want to make a better world but that time i questioned myself ‘how will you change yourself?’ simple but have to give my whole lifetime to answer it cause we don’t know how the future will turn out be and cause I am sure that this question will never disappear from my head. and another minute gave me a different question ‘am i a good dream’s pursuer?’ when i thought about my dreams i definitely say yes! but when i thought about my skill, i started to wonder again. well i’m not good as everyone, i’m not really that nice, i’m not as smart as my friends and i’m not as skilled as them and you know i am a girl with a big pride so i was wondering like ‘are you just protect your pride?’. when those thing came to my my mind i feel like ‘I’m not a good dream’s pursuer neither the pursuer of dreams’ and i felt like the time has stopped for awhile and felt empty. but then i gave myself another minute and just think about myself, my head was like a cinema screen that play some scene from a movie it was like some pictures that being slide showed, then i was like ‘i do have passion, i do have willing, i do have target, i give my best effort. this is the battle against myself and this is an endless battle. what i need to do is give my best on everything i do. I think this is my way to reach that this is my way to be the pursuer of dreams.’ I opened my eyes and promised myself not to worry about how would i turn out in the future but i need to give my best on everything i do, being myself, be strong and face the future. Cause i know that ‘the big deal’ in those words would see if i good enough to reach that.

cause I’m on my way to reach that big deal and I am The Pursuer of Dreams!