Flashback, It’s 9DuhGojim!

Halloo guys!

Now I wanna post some flashback posting, and this time is about my class in 9th grade.

As you can see from the title our class is called 9DuhGojim (well there is a story behind that name)

Actually my classmates in 9th grade werre not as solid as I expect but still those guys are my firends who fight together with me for national Exam and I was have a quite great time with them.

Here are some pictures that take on the last event that I spend with them. We were taking some pictures for ‘The Year Book’


And next are some pictures that show how we spent our time at school when the teachers were not come 🙂 🙂


Graduation Day (4th June, 2013)


There are some pictures from the graduation day~

Hahaha there is something funny happened on that day.

You know, my friens were put on a quite heavy make up on their face and they were wearing a ‘bling-bling’ kebaya while I wasn’t. So, my friends were ask me why i’m not put on a make up. That’s quite funny for me, I mean come on girls, we ‘re still teenagers and the graduation party was an afternoon party, so I think we don’t need to wearing such a ‘bling-bling’ kebaya and four our age I think natural-looking make up is better girls 🙂

The Graduation Party was really fun! I hope we’ll remember this day forever guys! I’ll waiting for an amazing story from your mouth in the future!

( OMG OMG! i look really fat aaarghh! 😦 😦 😦 )

Finally i’m a high school student! Bye 2 JHS Bandung~


Well haii there! ~ 

Finally now i’m a high school student! YEAY!

4th june the day that was really great! That day 2 JHS Students were wearing their best suit! That day was full of joy, because after 3 years finally we’re officially a high school students. That day was full of sadness, because that’s the last time we’ll spend our time together! But it’s a relief that everyone were seems happy on that day, we were sing together and dance together for the last time.

hm~ actually i have so many things to say, but don’t know it just couldn’t come out

Guys thanks for these 3 years, cannot foget that easily! we’ve been smile, laugh and crying together. We went to this school together and now we graduated together, so in the future we have success together and when we see each other again in the future i hope i heard a happy story of your life and a the story of your success life! 

Bye guys~ You give me a wonderful 3 years! Hope we can see each other again later~ :’) :’) :’)

Keep your green SMPN 2 Bandung!